Vartman Chetan To be or not to be…

Vartman Chetan

Vartman is a former economist and management consultant.
A few years ago he stopped, and now conducts satsangs.

Latest Satsang Excerpts (Oct. 1998) Nisargadatta says « There come a life when you realize what you are not… then you can spend the rest of your life exploring the Unknowable. »

If you see the face of God it’s not God. You don’t have a face. That’s the beauty of it. If you look at someone’s face for too long you always get bored with the features. Who you are has no features. So, how to describe the featureless? 

I have no idea what was described in the last 149 satsangs. If this is your first one then you haven’t missed much (laughter) because we are always in the beginning of this exploration of nothingness, of this journey to nowhere… And that is only in the beginning of this bizarreness because if you look closely there is no one searching, there is no one on a journey. The only conclusion is that there is nothing happening… still here we are. What to do? What a mystery, Consciousness is somehow aware of itself. 

How could one be aware of oneness? This is incomprehensible. If you look too deeply into this you can’t speak. All that happens is tears start flowing. No reason even for the tears. Even this phrase « kissing God » doesn’t come close. Then you see that you can’t even use this word « I » without being flattened. If you are in love with this I then you are very lucky because you have fallen in love with the only thing that is absolutely dependable. Everything depends on this. This is as close as I can speak of this « I » otherwise no words come. 

 *there is no more website dedicated to Vartman. We don’t know if he is still alive and gives satsangs)